A Riddle

I'm currently taking a Creative Writing class as part of my English degree (which is almost done! Four more classes...). Anyway I had to write a riddle, which I had never tried before. I am not typically a fan of poetry, reading it or writing it, but I ended up having a ton of fun so I am sharing my poem here. Feel free to guess the subject of the riddle in the comments! 

In Spring

Hands reach towards the sky

Desperate for warmth after

Winter’s cold. How long has it been

Since the sky shined so brightly?

Toes dig into soft, wet earth,

searching deeper for stability

and strength. The brush of

Rabbit fur against the ankle.

The scratch of a deer’s antler

Against the rough brown skin

Of the shoulder. Surrounded

By the smell of grass wet from an

Afternoon rainstorm. Standing tall

Among friends of all shapes and sizes.

Soaking up the sun.