I am indomitable, I am an original.

I am indomitable, I am an original.

I'm Kateri Swavely-Verenna, writer, lover of musical theatre, science fiction and fantasy reader, and fan of open wheel motorsports. This website is where it all comes together. Enjoy my blog posts, and head over to my Portfolio page if you would like to see some of my published work. 

A little more about me...
I was an elementary and middle school music teacher at a tiny school district in New Jersey for 8 years, until (despite my tenure and the fact that my students were some of the best in the county) my position was unceremoniously removed due to budget cuts. When about four months later I was offered my job back at part time with no benefits, I become completely disillusioned with the education system, and departed the teaching profession for good. 


And then one time, I met Adam Pascal

Yeah, that's a real thing that happened. If you had met one of the original actors from RENT, you would brag too, don't lie.

Now I fulfill my desire to teach and inspire young people by directing the Spring musical at a small Catholic high school in PA, a position I have been rocking since 2013. In addition to just being awesome because its musical theatre, this job has also resulted in the opportunity to meet Broadway star Adam Pascal. SO yeah my job is pretty cool. And bonus, no lesson plans or standardized tests!

The rest of my time is spent walking dogs, teaching flute and clarinet lessons, providing SAT reading/writing tutoring, and of course writing. I completed an internship writing articles for the Spotlight section at BLEND (you can find links in my portfolio), I occasionally write product description copy for Gen3 Marketing, and naturally, I blog. 

I've been horseback riding (as a hobby, no competition for me) for about twenty years, and playing flute for about that long as well. I'm low-key obsessed with IndyCar and Formula 1 racing, tennis (Vamos Rafa!), figure skating, and the Philadelphia Eagles.